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Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters provide the comfort and convenience of having a continuous supply of hot water. Our gas models are great as a hot water solution for homes with busy families, homes with luxury bathrooms and vacation home.

If you are looking for a hot water solution for a single faucet or shower, please see our electric tankless products below.

Water Heaters

The most common way to heat water in the United States is with a tank-style water heater. Tank water heater units heat water even when not in use, to compensate for standby heat loss. Insulation between the storage tank and the outer jacket slows this heat loss, but cannot eliminate it entirely. To maintain a preset water temperature, the water heater must cycle on periodically, even when there is no demand for hot water.

Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters generally have about 70% usable capacity, meaning a typical 50-gallon tank has about 30-35 gallons of truly hot water in reserve for usage. If there is high demand over a short period - a family taking back-to-back showers in the morning or a vacation home packed with guests - the hot water can run out. When it does, homeowners have to wait for the water to get hot again.​

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American Standard, heating, cooling, furnaces, air conditioners, IAQ, HVAC